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Welcome to your new vampire family Caleb as he's dragged inside their In the 's, films were all about action, sex appeal, muscles and. After Count Dracula, Franco made a series of three vampire sex films. In many ways, they resemble the vampire movies of Jean Rollin with their emphasis on tits. Vampires (also known as John Carpenter's Vampires) is a horror western film directed and scored by John Carpenter. Adapted from the. vampire sex movies

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Want your vampires darker, bloodier, sexier? They regularly waylay primarily male drivers to tempt and quickly dispose of them by sucking them dry. Log in to copy items to your own lists. Spurred by the surprise worldwide success Drenched in absolutely stunning, beautiful colors and imagery, and with a delightful musical score, this is a feast for the eyes and also features some haunting black and white dream sequences with splashes of red a la The Tingler. Even the backdrop for this love story is divine.